Picture of Uschi Küng

Uschi Küng was born and raised in Germany and later lived in Switzerland. In 1999 she immigrated to Canada. When she was young she dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and floral designer; so after completing her formal studies, she opened her own photo-floral design studio.

While Uschi continued her exploration of photography and design, painting on silk became her main interest and she began to produce silk pictures and collages with vibrant colours and unique forms. She has had successful exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland and her photographs and paintings are found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Uschi believes that through meditation and quiet thoughts the artist stills the mind and perceives her surrounding in a new way. She takes tremendous joy in her daily routine of making art and considers herself extremely fortunate to be able to make a successful living as an artist.

Uschi's paintings are modern, from radiant florals to local landscapes, and they reveal a cheerful energy and enthusiasm. Her choice of medium, dyes on silk, generates bright colours and lyrical lines flowing through. Many of her paintings are highlighted with gold leaf. Always painting from life, Uschi strives to capture the essence of her subject, while creating an overall sense of animated liveliness.