Happy students with scarves

Uschi runs classes in dyeing silk scarves on an irregular basis, based on demand.

Silk scarf dyeing classes are usually a three day process. The first day is spent in learning about the properties of silk and the dyes used, then it is all “hands-on” work by the students, dyeing up to three scarves during the day.

When the painting is completed the scarves have to dry in the position they have been painted and this can take up to 12-18 hours. When they are dry, they then have to be steamed for five hours in a special steamer designed for this purpose.

After the steaming they have to be washed then air dried and ironed. This usually happens on the third day when students return and take home their beautiful work.

The courses are offered on an “as needed basis” in her studio in Middle LaHave, and cost $75 per student. Please contact Uschi to discuss your needs.